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    Please email into and they can help sort this out.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      sftp using only default user?

      I just updated to Version 4.0 beta (build 17905) and I can't connect via sftp. From the messages I get in the log window it seems to only be trying to connect via the logged in user rather the username I specified for the Profile. Here is what's in the log window (I change the DNS name and RSA hex below to avoid publishing it in the forum):

      4/16/14 10:26:26 AM Username: cafuentes
      4/16/14 10:26:26 AM Connecting to
      4/16/14 10:26:26 AM Server key [ssh-rsa 2040 fa:20:b4:11:da:31:ee:f2:f1:9f:cb:c3:32:38:1c:06]
      4/16/14 10:26:27 AM No more authentication methods available
      4/16/14 10:26:27 AM Connection failed: Connection lost (error code is 10058)
      4/16/14 10:26:27 AM Unable to load s Connection lost (error code is 10058)

      I can connect via the command line no problem. In the profile properties I have:
      Username: ec2-user
      SSH private key file: /Path/To/My/Keys/mykeyfile.pem

      Is SFTP just broken for Mac in this latest release?


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        If you had a key previously saved, we may need to clear out the saved blank password of the profile. Go to the FTP Profiles dialog, and first check the default profile that the key is still set there. Then go to the specific profile and make sure the Save Password checkbox is unchecked, and that a username is present. Does this get it connecting for you?
        Aaron P Scooter Software