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BC4 windows is blank during upgrade on Mac OS

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  • BC4 windows is blank during upgrade on Mac OS

    While upgrading, the upgrade process appears to be working well.

    However, while BC4 downloads the update files, the main window is completely blank.

    I think this is confusing and unexpected. In my opinion, you should either hide the main window, or show the standard interface.

    Here's the screenshot:

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    Thanks for the report. The screenshot does not seem to be attached, but the update process should keep the update dialog on the top of the window throughout, right until it begins to perform the replacement and restart process (where the icon should be bouncing). Do you see different behavior?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The update dialog remains open throughout, but is not modal.

      I actually prefer it not to be modal, so I can continue to use the app until I decide to click the "Install" button.

      But in any case, I think it shouldn't matter whether it's modal or not. In both cases, the main window shouldn't be a blank white window.

      If I'll find the screenshot or reproduce it, I'll re-upload it.


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        This is probably intentional behavior, actually. All of the betas have a date after which they stop functioning, different from an expired trial, and if you launch BC after that date it should show a message like "This beta has expired", and then it shows a blank main screen so you can still export your settings, see the Support/Help information, or download the update. If you're upgrading from a version that hasn't hit that timeout BC remains fully functional while it's downloading the new version.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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          That makes sense and it explains what I saw. It was just before I put in the registration code and updated, which also means that I won't be able to easily reproduce it now.

          In any case, my opinion is that it would be better to show the UI and disable everything than to show a blank window, which is totally nonstandard and unexpected. It looks like something's wrong, even if it is intentional.