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  • SFTP Support in Standard Edition

    Hello, I'm about to buy BC4 for Mac (probably way too excited about this). I am in need of SFTP support, but I'm confused by the statement:

    "Rather than relying on third-party solutions, BC3 Pro has integrated support for secure FTP protocols (SFTP and FTP over SSL)."

    Does that mean that SFTP will not work at all in the Standard Edition, or can I integrate some "third-party solution"? I don't recall not being able to use SFTP before, and I've always had the Standard Edition.

    SFTP is basically the only Pro feature I need, so I was just wanting to check before I spend an extra $14 for a single feature.

    Thanks for any info...


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    This statement is in reference to that BC2 did not support SFTP, and required a user to obtain a 3rd party product that would usually bind an SFTP to a drive letter. This was not ideal since it required another purchase, and sometimes would introduce issues that the other products couldn't handle.

    In BC3, we implemented our own SFTP support (and various other features), but this added development and the additional libraries required would increase the cost of BC3. Instead of doing that for everyone, we still offer the discounted Standard edition with the feature set of BC2 for users that do not need all of the new features.

    If you were running in trial mode, this would default to Pro, and SFTP support would work. If you were registered for Standard, SFTP would be disabled. Is it possible your FTP server supports both SFTP and FTP connections? If so, while in Standard, you might have connected over FTP. While in trial mode, you can switch between Pro and Std in the Help menu -> About dialog. This lets you test with either feature set.
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      Thanks for the info, that's exactly what I needed to know. I really don't mind paying the extra bit for this excellent product anyway. You guys deserve it.