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Bug/Request: Deselect Items

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  • Bug/Request: Deselect Items

    I have a folder compare with a files list that fills about 2/3 of the vertical space in the list. I select one or multiple files. When I then click on the white space below the file listing, I would expect all files to be deselected (like in Finder window). But this does not happen. Maybe this is a feature request, but for me this looks like a bug.

    Thank you, kind regards
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    BC4 does not have a de-selected state. When you first start up, the first line is selected. You would need to select a specific other line in order to move the selection.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry I think you did not understand what I mean - please check the attached screenshot, I hope this will clarify. When I cmd-click the two items, they do become deselected...


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        Thanks, we'll look into changing that.
        Tim T Scooter Software


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          Good suggestion.
          I would vote for this also.
          Having an 'official' way to deselect whatever is currently selected (turn off the highlighted focused line(s)). Similar to how may graphics programs have a way to deselect an existing selection area with a specific key combo.

          I did discover that the analogous keys in Windows, that is: Control-Click , does work to deselect an item and get it to be not-highlighted.

          I had searched in the Help file on "deselect", but none of the three hits which gave an actual command to use, only referring to invert selection.

          In the event that a dedicated key combo is long in coming, perhaps a specific couple of lines could be added to the Help File.
          As perhaps: "Control-Click (or Command-Click on Mac) will deselect and item. (un-highlight the line item(s))"

          P.S. I was just using a couple of the Nirsoft tools and they use the "Control-D" as the key combo for specific "Deselect" in their Edit menu. Which I seem to recall is a common key combo in other programs for Deselect.

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            Appreciate those examples. I'll add those notes to our entry on the subject.
            Aaron P Scooter Software