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Manual sync with "copy to right/left" issue

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    Originally posted by Craig View Post

    The December 20th release added support for copying extended attributes and that could have been what broke it. Testing here, the timestamps are set correctly, but the current release does do that part of it after copying the timestamp, so depending on the environment it's possible the file system is treating that as another change. I've switched the order of operations for the next release; if you want to try a nightly build you can email about it.

    Alternatively, there's information on dealing with them from the command line here: I would guess that if you copy files that don't have extended attributes that they'll get the correct timestamp.
    Hi There,

    it definitely started with the version from december and I still have the problem. If you can send me a nightly build which removes this it would be great. At the current time I always must compare the whole file binary to avoid this :-( Dealing with 500GB + external HDDs it takes a LONG time for synch ......

    Cheers, Frank


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      We're currently mid-testing the next release and getting ready to push it out the door. Keep an eye on the Downloads page or alter the Check for Updates configuration to check once a day and you should receive notification soon.

      If you do need something immediately, you can email us at with a link back to this forum post.
      Aaron P Scooter Software