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SSH2 sessions very slow to connect after BC upgrade to v.4.4

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  • SSH2 sessions very slow to connect after BC upgrade to v.4.4

    After upgrading to version 4.4 (build 25886) on Ubuntu 21.04, SFTP profiles started to behave "badly": connection takes a lot of time (~4 min). After this "timeout", session works fine.

    Before BC update they worked fine.

    All my SFTP profiles look like this:

    Protocol: SFTP (SSH2)
    Host: xxxxxxxx.yyyyyyyyy.zzzzzzzz
    Port: 22
    Username: <empty>
    Password: <empty>
    Save password: unchecked
    SSH private key file: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    "Use default" is checked in all other tabs.

    For these SSH sessions to work I use VPN.

    I open new tab, click Text Compare, left pane contains local file, right pane contains "profile:<profile-name>?path/to/file".

    The same problem happens when I click old session in history.
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    Thank you for reporting the issue, we'll investigate.

    What OS are the SFTP servers running (Ubuntu 20.04, Redhat Enterprise Linux 7, etc)?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      It's Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS.
      By the way, simple "ssh -i keyfile hostname" from terminal works fine (no delays).


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        I have the same issue here:

        08/23/2021 11:26:49 AM Username: juergen
        08/23/2021 11:26:49 AM Connecting to tvwz
        08/23/2021 11:35:41 AM Server key [RSA SHA256:n03/rsyCQ5Jua6kiMMMJhJdqmZhpTlDwotkGwCdJNZU]
        08/23/2021 11:35:41 AM Keyboard interactive authorization failed.
        08/23/2021 11:35:41 AM Public key agent authorization successful.
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Server software: OpenSSH_8.0
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Compression: none
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Encryption: aes256-ctr
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM MAC algorithm: hmac-sha1
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Connected to tvwz port 22
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Using SFTP version 3.
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Server information:
        08/23/2021 11:35:42 AM Current Folder: /storage
        This is Beyond Compare 4.4 (build 25886) running on Debian 11.0 bullseye, the server is LibreELEC 9.2.6 on a Raspberry Pi 2.
        Connecting with ssh on the command line works fine.

        FourLegsDriveCat Thanks for reporting it, before I had never waited long enough.


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          We've duplicated the issue and our developers are working on a fix.

          The issue appears to happen on Linux and macOS if ~/.ssh/id_rsa is a key with a passphrase, but Beyond Compare 4.4's SFTP profile uses a private key that is not that default ~/.ssh/id_rsa filename.

          starblue, I will email your forum email address with a download link for version 4.3.7 so you can downgrade until a fix is available.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            I have set that file as the key, however authorization is via ssh-agent.
            I.e. before using Beyond Compare I do `ssh-add`.
            Click image for larger version

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              Same issue on archlinux using the AUR package

              Is there a workaround that I can do locally using version 4.4? Would it work using a key file instead of user credentials or something?

              Any ETA on a fix? o


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                Reverting to 4.3.7 is the only workaround right now. We're working on a fix for the issue introduced in BC 4.4, when a fix is available we'll post an update to this forum thread.
                Chris K Scooter Software


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                  Chris thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to it

                  Since I'm lazy and usually use downgrade for stuff like this, which doesn't do it for bcompare, I had to look this up first. Sharing it may spare the next person a few minutes, so here's how to downgrade the bcompare AUR package to version on archlinux:
                  1. Create a new folder somewhere (make sure that the path does not contain any spaces - else makepkg will fail with "No such file or directory" on ./src/install/bin).
                  2. Download into that folder and extract its contents.
                    The link to that file can be found here
                    Other versions here
                  3. Enter that recent download folder in a terminal, make sure there is a PKGBUILD file present and run (not as root)
                  4. Finally run (use sudo or root)
                    pacman -U bcompare-
                  Sorry if this thread ain't supposed to contain stuff like this - am new around here and didn't double check.
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                    Vertex, thank you for sharing the instructions, I'm sure our other customers on Arch Linux will appreciate it.
                    Chris K Scooter Software


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                      I seem to run into this issue too, Ubuntu 20.04.2, BC 4.4 (build 25886), although I've never waited long enough for a "timeout" to finish. Any change you could post or DM the 4.3 link to me as well?


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                        I emailed a download link for version 4.3.7 to your forum account email address. A fix for this issue is in internal testing, we'll update this forum thread when the fix is publicly released.
                        Chris K Scooter Software