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folder compare not detecting rar compressed file formats in version 4.3.6 linux

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  • folder compare not detecting rar compressed file formats in version 4.3.6 linux

    Ubuntu 20.04 (KDE) normal installation with RAR 5.91 for linux (command line) installed

    Problem Statement:
    Version 4.3.6 build 25063 for linux seems to have forgotten how to detect RAR file format. Folder compare reverts to binary ("Everything Else") instead of comparing contents of the compressed archives. This was not an issue with version 4.3.5 build 24893.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. create two folders and place rar files with same names in either
    2. open beyond compare in folder compare mode and select either folders on each side
    3. double click on any comparison line
    4. in version 4.3.4, user will see folder comparison, but in version 4.3.6, user will see raw-file comparison.

    Screenshots with comparison are attached below.

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    If you go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Archive Types tab, select RAR, does it still have *.rar defined? In my Linux test machine with some test rars, it is able to expand them without issue.

    Please note, any changes to the Archives tab option will require a full program restart.

    Or, if you need to, back up your current settings from the Tools menu -> Export (everything), then use the Tools menu -> Restore Factory Defaults, then reboot your computer. Does this get RARs working with the newer version?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Many thanks Aaron! You nailed it; RAR was not defined in archive types options. Since the archive type names are not editable (though masks are), I was able to get it to work by restoring factory defaults.