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  • Feature Request: Go To Line

    In most text editors, I can Control-G to go to a line (the usual flow is control-G, then line number, then enter).
    In Beyond Compare that ALMOST works - for some reason after I hit control-G the default focus is... nothing - not the "line number" text field.
    So my workaround is control-G, then alt-N, then line number and enter.
    That extra alt-N is driving me nuts

    TLDNR: Please have default focus on Control-G "Go To" dialog be on "Line" text box.

    Platform: I'm running the latest Beyond Compare 4.3.4 Build 24657 on Linux

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    Thank you for reporting the focus issue, I'll add it to the bug list to be fixed. Control-G, then Tab will also move focus to the Line text box in the current version if it's any easier than the combination of shortcuts you listed.
    Chris K Scooter Software