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Beyond Compare Merge with only console where no GUI exists

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  • Beyond Compare Merge with only console where no GUI exists


    We have developed an application that uses merge piece of beyond compare to merge two text files.

    We have developed this in a Windows environment and used the command line for merging, which went success.

    Finally, its time to launch and our environment is now Linux. Obviously the server will not load GUI components and the same command that we used earlier is now not working.

    To replicate this, you can run the merge command in putty rather than logging into the Linux environment (GUI) and then using Terminal (console).

    So our question is -

    1) Do the beyond compare has the capability of doing merge through the Linux Console (like putty way / where the GUI is not loaded and the console is being used),

    2) If Yes/No, what is the correct way to do it?

    We are really stuck with it and require your help.

    Please let me know if in case you need any additional details.

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    Sorry, Beyond Compare for Linux requires an X-Window session. It cannot run in a Linux console without a GUI (SSH, Cron). Removing the X-Window requirement is on the list for a future version of Beyond Compare, but it doesn't have a scheduled release date.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you for the response, Chris, we are discussing internally on other options, but meanwhile, I have one more question.

      Does the beyond compare software is using the GUI components to do compare/merge (though we run via cmd/console - depending on the OS)?


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        Beyond Compare doesn't use the GUI components to do compare/merge, but some of the technology we build Beyond Compare for Linux on does a check for X-Window and fails if it isn't present. Removing the X-Window dependency is on the todo list. Beyond Compare on Mac also requires a GUI session or it will fail to run. Beyond Compare on Windows is the only platform that can run without a GUI.

        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Cool, Thank you Chris.