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Ubuntu 18.04 Key Repeat Issue

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  • Ubuntu 18.04 Key Repeat Issue

    I have Beyond Compare 4.3.2 installed on Ubuntu 18.04.
    I find that there is a problem with the keyboard auto-repeat. Typing and pressing the arrow keys without holding down the keys works ok, but holding down a key including the arrow keys seems to buffer a lot of key presses, that then take a long time to execute long after the key is released.

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    Are you seeing the key repeat issue in the Folder Compare or Text Compare?

    On Ubuntu 18.04, if I hold the down arrow key to scroll down in a large Folder Compare, it continues scrolling for a bit after I release the key. Using Shift+Down Arrow behaves about the same as just Down Arrow in the Folder Compare when I tested.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hi Chris,
      thanks for your reply. I also see the behaviour you mention (the slightly longer scrolling in folder compare mode), but the main issue is the very much longer scrolling/text entry in text compare mode. E.g. i hold the scroll down key for 2 seconds and release, then the program keeps scrolling for about 5 seconds more. Strangely the problem does not seem to happen immediately after starting the PC when starting BC as the first program, but later when I have several programs open and the problem occurs I can restart BC and the problem will occur again.

      General Background Info: I have a 64-bit machine with 32GB RAM, the programs I normally have open are Chrome with 15 tabs or so, 3 instances of VS Code, Slack Desktop, and a few other programs, so the memory usage is about 5.8GB



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        Thank you for the additional information. We'll work on improving the behavior for a future version.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Just to update: This is still an issue in version 4.3.4


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            Thanks. This wasn't an issue we were able to tackle yet, and is still an open report.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              Yes, this is a old exists issue i occur many many times, though, i don't think this is a big issue,
              for now, i have to i have to press keyboard key slowly, or use mouse, latter work well.

              I use arch linux.