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Link bcomp to bcompare for integrating with git?

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  • Link bcomp to bcompare for integrating with git?

    According to this page, I should be able to configure it for bc3. I'm running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and have git version 2.17.1

    /usr/lib/git-core/git-difftool--helper: 1: eval: /usr/lib/git-core/mergetools/bc3: Permission denied
    Then after I chmod +x'd everything in that dir:

    /usr/lib/git-core/mergetools/bc3: 1: .: Can't open /bc
    If I set the config to just simply "bc", then it works at the command line, but graphical git tools like GitAhead don't seem to recognize it (that one in particular seems to be looking specifically for "bcomp" rather than running the "bc" script in /usr/lib/git-core/mergetools that tries bcomp or bcompare).

    According to this page, it seems "bcomp" and "bcompare" mean two different things, "bcomp" waiting for the window to exit. If I do a sudo ln -s /usr/bin/bcompare /usr/bin/bcomp then GitAhead seems to pick it up just fine, but am I missing the necessary wait for exit functionality?

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    BC4 on Windows has a collection of helper apps (BCompare.exe, BComp.exe,, and MacOS supports bcompare and bcomp, while Linux only uses bcompare.

    Ideally, Git instructions will work for various clients, but in experience some clients don't always work with the .gitconfig used for the main "git" command line (such as GitHub). The intention wouldn't be to create a link, but to create a an external tool definition that can work with "bcompare left right" as the command line. Does GitAhead have documentation for defining an external difftool or mergetool?

    It would also be good to quickly check if "git difftool afile.txt" works from the Terminal, to see if it's a GitAhead configuration or if Git itself isn't quite right. While troubleshooting .gitconfig, I'll often throw in a false configuration that will purposefully error, just to be sure that change is applied when I then swap it to what I expect to work. I've sometimes run into issues of caching or the program using a different .gitconfig location that I wasn't expecting, and this helped find these cases.
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      "while Linux only uses bcompare"
      Shouldn't the penguin icon be removed from "bcomp" on the Command Line Reference help?


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        Yes, the penguin icon should be removed from "bcomp" in the help. Thanks for catching the error, we'll get it fixed.
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