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  • BC4 component default color - Dark Themes - Linux


    I know this has been mentioned before, at least in: Display issues on Linux Mint 18.3 and Improved support for dark themes. But nothing happened at those threads.

    I'm trying to drill down this specific problem, trying to achieve some solution to what I would call the only issue with dark themes in Linux that can't be solved within the UI Settings (opinions will vary). But at least on the three reports we are talking about different Linux distros with a common setup (dark themes). I'm using KDE Neon 5.17. The tests are done with no BC4 settings (just a dark theme at the OS level).

    The issue is related to the "QComboBox" widget that are generally related to filenames. I don't know if this is a "custom" widget. It can be found in the "Home" screen and in the top of the panels of at least a "Folder Compare" session.

    As can be seen in the ScreenShot-1, by default the text color is black and with a dark background, the text is hardly readable.

    Click image for larger versionName:	ss-1-home-screen-unfocused.pngViews:	0Size:	58.5 KBID:	81793

    This behaviour starts to change when the widget gets focused (as can be seen in the ScreenShot-2).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss-2-home-screen-focused.png Views:	0 Size:	59.2 KB ID:	81794

    Something similar happens with the "Filters" widget. Which while expanded shows all the entries with the correct color (ScreenShot-3).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss-3-filters-widget.png Views:	0 Size:	30.7 KB ID:	81795

    Perhaps it is not the same widget, but the other place I could find a "similar" component is in the "Find Filename" (CTRL+F) dialog. As shown in the ScreenShot-4. In every possible situation, this widget works perfectly fine.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ss-4-find-filename-dialog.png Views:	0 Size:	46.7 KB ID:	81796

    The issue happens when the widget has some text value, cause the hint is displayed correctly.

    The whole idea of this "research" I'm doing is to provide the most details to my extent trying to alleviate the triaging process for this inconvenience. Everytime you must know which file is on which side of the panel, there you have to click the field.

    I think this could be related to the palette of the widget (at the Qt level). I don't know if BC4 uses stylesheets to some degree. Or could be a hardcoded color value in the unfocused state. Or some color value needing to be replaced with a system specific one like Window Text / Button Text / Highlight Text (naming some examples, not the ones that could be involved). Also don't know if this could be a three-state component. Or a custom developed widget with the issue residing in the customized part. But hopefully the idea spins around that area... at the widget level.

    In no case I think it could be related to the Linux Distro, the Qt version or the dark theme chosen by the user, taking into account that the whole UI works perfectly.

    Hope someone will grab the intention and take this as an starting point for something else. Feel free to ask for anything else you may see fit.

    Best regards,


    EDIT: Posted images are full size screenshots. Didn't know how to make them links to themselves.
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    Thanks for the examples. Improving our dark theme support on Linux is something on our wishlist, and I'll add these collected examples to our notes on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software