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Couple of issues on Ubuntu 16.04

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  • Couple of issues on Ubuntu 16.04


    I have a couple of issues with Version 4.2.10 (build 23938) that appear when I'm running Beyond Compare on Ubuntu 16.04 (yeah, I know, it's old, but I currently have applications that need that version) using Unity (I think!).

    1) When I drop down the filters box on a folder compare, it doesn't show any named filters. In the "Tweak" setting on the options the named filters are there, but they don't show.

    2) If I set compares to launch in a new window (i.e. so that, in folder compare, when I double click on a file a new window is created with the file compare in it), the first time I press the next or previous difference buttons, the file compare window is sent to the back (i.e. the folder compare window reclaims the focus) so I need to click on the title bar of the file compare window to get it back in front. Prev/Next is fine from then on.

    3) In the scenario described in #2, if I press Crtl-M to go to the next file, the file compare window is created BEHIND the folder compare window so that it doesn't have focus.

    If anyone can help me sort these out, it would be hugely appreciated.


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    I've set up a test Ubuntu 16.04 64bit VM, and installed BC 4.2.10 to try and reproduce these behaviors. I'm not seeing #1 or #2 reproduce, but do see #3.

    To help reproduce Issue #1 and #2, please email us at along with a copy of your from the Help menu -> Support; Export. If there are any customizations you've made to your Ubuntu 16.04 install or desktop environment, please also include that info as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I have the #2 on Ubuntu 18 sometimes. When use with git dir diff, after open a file comparison with double mouse click the file comparison window pops-up but when i try to click inside the new window the main window goes to front.

      I tried to figure out the scenario but its is look fully random. I tried with 20+ changed files and only 1 file too. Sometimes it works in the same start for the first 2/3 file comparison open then start to lose focus on next opens (for the same files too which works earlier).


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        Sorry for the delay Aaron; the day after your comment the forum was down for maintenance then I was on holiday. I'll email the details asap.


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 now sent.


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            Thanks, I've duplicated issue #2 on Ubuntu 16.04. Clicking Next or Previous Difference section on a child Text Compare window switches to the Folder Compare window underneath it better than half the time. If the first click is the X to close the child Text Compare window that click also passes through to the Folder Compare underneath.

            I'll write this up in our internal bug tracker, we'll let you know when a fix is available.
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            Chris K Scooter Software


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              There is any news about the focus error (#2) or a workaround?


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                Sorry, no update or workaround yet. It's still an open issue we haven't been able to schedule a fix for yet.
                Aaron P Scooter Software