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Directory compare fails to align files properly

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  • Directory compare fails to align files properly

    I'm setting up a new system, currently using beyond compare 4.2.10, git version 2.20.1 on debian 10 (buster).

    Here's the relevant contents of my .gitconfig file. Note that per another comment on the forum, I've tried both "bc" and "bc3" for the tool indicators.

            tool = bc
    [difftool "bc"]
            trustExitCode = true
            tool = bc
    [mergetool "bc"]
            trustExitCode = true
    When I modify a file(s) and run "git difftool -d", the results are shown in the attached image, where it shows that both the left and right-hand side having modifications to (seemingly) the same file paths, but they aren't aligned. Additionally, using the F6/F7 (Align with/compare to) functions don't work as designed, and I cannot compare the before/after files.

    If I simply run "git difftool -y", the comparison window works correctly. It seems like it's only a problem with directory comparison, not file comparison.

    Any thoughts on what I've done wrong?

    Click image for larger version

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    Try updating the dir-diff to include no-symlink:
    git difftool --dir-dif --no-symlink

    Or, in BC4, use the Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling tab, Follow Symbolic Links.

    The right side is currently a symlink (the icon with the mini-arrow)
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Aaron. Using --no-symlink works as expected.