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Will BC in Ubuntu compare two NTF hard drives?

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  • Will BC in Ubuntu compare two NTF hard drives?

    I've been trying, via BC in Windows, to grab files from a failing hard drive. It works, but very slowly, and every now and then the failing drive is 'rejected' by Windows and disappears, only reappearing after a reboot.

    Would this 'rejection' process cease to occur if I were to run BC in Ubuntu?

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    Sorry, I don't know if Beyond Compare on Linux will work better than BC on Windows to recover data from your failing NTFS hard drive. It isn't a scenario we've tested.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks, Chris. Are you saying that BC in Linux will only read ext4 formatted drives? Or that you've never tested this?

      I found this quote: "Partitions used in Windows are formatted as FAT32 or NTFS, while they are formatted as EXT4, EXT3 or EXT2 in Linux. Linux system is able to access Windows partition, but Windows cannot access Linux partitions. ... It would be better if we can read and write Linux EXT4/3/2 partition from Windows."

      Would a trial version of Linux BC allow me to check this?


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        I was specifically speaking to the case of accessing a failing drive. I don't know if Linux can access failing NTFS drives any better than Windows.

        Beyond Compare for Linux depends on the OS to read/write to a file system. If you can read or write to a local NTFS file system using terminal commands or your desktop environment's file manager, then I'd expect BC for Linux to also work.

        Accessing NTFS file systems from Linux isn't something we've tested significantly. For most of our Linux testing, we use the default file system for the Linux distribution, usually ext4.

        The trial version of Beyond Compare is fully functional, so you should be able to test it with your drive on Linux before purchasing a license.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Thanks. The problem I have with running compares in Windows isn't BC's fault - it's Windows. Every now and then, regardless of what software is running at the time, the failing drive would suddenly vanish and not reappear until a reboot. I took that to mean that Windows would suddenly 'take a dislike' to the faulty drive, like, 'Ew, you're diseased, get outta my house!'. Whereas Linux doesn't seem to object to the presence of a bad NTFS file system. I've currently got the drive mounted in Ubuntu on a spare machine. I'm running GDDRescue on it and it's copying stuff off the drive, but currently forecasting around 80 days to finish.
          I understand that GDDRescue copies every good block, so it's copying empty stuff as well as data. If I could run BC without the drive continually dropping out, I could be more selective about what I copy.

          Edit: Just checked the copy progress and the drive\ddrescue in Ubuntu is still running after 30 hours.
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