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Separate windows for separate groups of diffs

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  • Separate windows for separate groups of diffs

    I want to diff two logically separate groups of files from the command line. The first group (a GIT change, essentially) contains files A and B; the 2nd contains files C and D.

    The issue I'm having is that I'm not able to open two BC4 windows with two tabs each from the command line. This is what I'm looking for:
    -First window contains two tabs, one for A and another for B (old vs new version)
    -Second window contains another two tabs for the diffs of C and D

    If I run:
    bcompare old_A new_A & # opens window 1 bcompare old_B new_B & # opens tab in window 1 bcompare -solo old_C new_C & # opens window 2
    bcompare old_D new _D & # opens window 1, not 2
    , the D diff tab opens in the same window where A and B are. In other words, "solo" windows only seem to accept a single diff/tab.

    How can I then group logically related diffs (tabs) in their own window then?
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    This isn't supported in the current version of BC4 from the command line directly, but if you call all 4 instances into 4 tabs, you can then right-click -> pull off one tab to create a new window, and then drag the 4th tab into the new window. This won't work in combination of -solo, however, as the tabs can only drag between the same process, and the solo window would be a separate process.
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