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    I use beyond compare 4 with the command "git difftool".

    But it cannot open tmp file that git creates, error is "File Not Found". However, file exits and can be opened.

    How to fix it?

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    Just in case: all the action happens at Ubuntu 18.04


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      Can you post or email your current .gitconfig? If emailing, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference. Also, if emailing, also include your from the Help menu -> Support; Export.

      One other thing to check is which version of Git are you using? If there are any updates available, please update Git and then restart your computer.
      All BC4.x updates are also free, so please grab the most recent update 4.2.8 from the website or the Help menu -> Check for Updates.
      Are you running Ubuntu 18.04 64bit? And are you running BC4.2.8 64bit (Help menu -> About dialog)?
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I corresponded with HelloWorld by email, for anyone else following the thread, here's a possible resolution:

        This appears to be a bug specifically with the snap packaged version of Beyond Compare installed using Ubuntu Software or snap in a terminal. The snap package of Beyond Compare wasn't created by Scooter Software.

        If you uninstall the snap version of Beyond Compare, then download the .deb package from our website using a web browser and install it, that should resolve the issue.

        To uninstall the snap version of Beyond Compare:
        sudo snap remove bcompare

        Beyond Compare 4 .deb download page:

        Installation instructions:
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          This turns out to be an issue caused by a snap package's isolation from the system.

          When you run git difftool, git stores the repository version of a file in /tmp. Snap isolates an application from the system, preventing it from accessing /tmp. This is a limitation of snap, as described here:

          As a workaround, you can set TMPDIR to a user specific folder instead of the system /tmp folder.

          Example that should work with the snap version of Beyond Compare on Ubuntu 18.04:
          mkdir $HOME/tmp
          export TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp
          git difftool
          Chris K Scooter Software