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Strean read error on audio files

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  • Strean read error on audio files

    BC4 - Version 4.2.6 (build 23150)

    I have 2 audio files, and they appeared to be the same, but as they had different filenames, I decided to use BC4. When I used the Session | New Session | MP3 Compare on the 2 files, the message was "Stream read error " - appeared on left and right windows.

    Yet when I compared the same 2 audio files with Session | New Session | Hex Compare , no error messages, 2 files compared and showed as "= Binary same".

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    Thank you for reporting the problem.

    Beyond Compare 4.2.6 on Linux can only read the ID3v1 (Simple Tag). When trying to read the ID3v2 tag and audio data, it fails with a stream read error. This bug is Linux specific, reading ID3v2 and audio data works correctly when using BC on Windows and macOS.

    The MP3 Compare stream read error is in our bug list to be fixed, we don't have a release date for a fix right now.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Great that the bug is on the list, thanks for letting me know Chris. The workaround for now is a Hex compare.