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BC4 cannot copy same file to 2 different destinations simultaneously.

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  • BC4 cannot copy same file to 2 different destinations simultaneously.

    I am using Linux Mint 18.2, Cinnamon, Beyond Compare Version 4.2.3 (build 22587).
    I observe the following issue that I do not recall having with BC3.

    I have 3 systems, sysa, sysb & sysc. sysb & sysc each have a file system NFS mounted to sysa.
    On sysa if I have a directory comparison tab open to sysb and a different tab for sysc and try to copy
    the same file from sysa to sysb & sysc from their own tab I get the following error on sysa for sysc until the copy completes on sysb.

    ======== sysa to sysb =========
    10/02/2017 04:30:58 PM Load comparison: /nfs/sysb <-> /data
    10/02/2017 04:35:36 PM Successfully copied 1 items. Completed in 17 seconds.

    ======== sysa to sysc =========
    10/02/2017 04:31:09 PM Load comparison: /nfs/sysc <-> /data
    10/02/2017 04:35:26 PM Unable to copy /data/New/600MB.file: Unable to open file "/data/New/600MB.file": Try again
    10/02/2017 04:35:26 PM Failed to copy 1 items. Completed in 0.07 seconds.

    I can use the command line cp command to accomplish the same thing without error.
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    Which base folder syntax are you using to access the locations in BC4? Are you navigating using "smb://computer/folder" or a bound location/path? Which path was BC3 using (which does not support smb:// syntax)?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      For the comparison the base folders are:
      Base folder for sysb = /nfs/sysb
      Base folder for sysc = /nfs/sysc
      Base folder for sysa = /data

      /nfs/sysb and /nfs/sysc are NFS automounts vi /etc/auto.nfs on sysa
      sysa /etc/auto.nfs contents:
      sysb -fstype=nfs4 sysb:/data
      sysc -fstype=nfs4 sysc:/data

      sysb and sysc each have a /data file system local to themselves exported as follows:
      sysb /etc/exports contents:

      sysc /etc/exports contents:

      /etc/auto.master contents on all 3 systems
      /nfs /etc/auto.nfs --timeout=60

      I am not using SMB syntax. Same syntax and configuration was used on BC3.
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        Thanks for that additional information. I'll open a tracker entry to investigate. If you have the time to re-test BC3 on your system, you can back up your current BC4 settings using the Tools menu -> Export (all), then uninstall BC4 and install BC3 to verify with these samba binds.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          OK - time permitting I will test with BC3, but remember I AM NOT using samba/smb. I am using NFS. I also am going to try and test BC4 on Windows as I believe I have seen this issue there also, but can't remember as Linux is my daily worker.


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            Ah, sorry. Slip up in my response: I tested with samba on Windows and Linux since I had that bind available and it also reproduced the behavior (on Linux, but worked on Windows). If you are able to verify BC3, that could be helpful. If you are able to reproduce this on Windows, please let us know if there's a different error log message. You can use either the trial version or a registered copy for testing.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              If you reproduced on BC4 using samba with Windows and Linux then I will not test that as that is the same test I would have performed with mixed Windows/Linux samba environment. This is the same issue I see with Linux only using NFS.

              Time permitting I will test BC3 Linux only NFS and Windows/Linux using samba.


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                I have confirmed that BC3 on Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon does not have this issue.
                BC3 is able to concurrently copy the same file to 2 different destinations at the same time.


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                  Thanks for that follow-up. I'll add these notes to our tracker entry on the subject.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software


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                    The samba copy issue is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.2.4.
                    Chris K Scooter Software


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                      For me this was an issue using NFS mounts. In any case, confirming that Beyond Compare 4.2.4 fixed this issue.