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BC4 4.2.3 for Linux not transferring not processing all selected files on Mint

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  • BC4 4.2.3 for Linux not transferring not processing all selected files on Mint

    Using BC4 4.2.3 for Linux, on Mint 18.2 Cinnamon 64-bit, there seems to be 2 moderately serious problems (they might be the same problem):
    • if I select a list of files in a directory compare view, then right-click to perform an operation on them (normally compare binary, move, or delete), then invoke the action, when it completes, I observe that not all files have been processed.

      Consider,for example, an intended move of 10 files; after the action 7 may have been moved, leaving 3. In this case the 10 selected rows are still selected (though 7 are now empty). If I simply right click, select Move again, another 2 might be processed, leaving one. Repeat, the last one gets processed. This behavior is intermittent, it does not appear to follow a pattern (eg, it is not always the first, or last, or first chunk which get processed. In a list of 96 files, for example, there will be serveral holes in the middle of the list which did not get processed.)

      There does not seem to be data loss

      Also, I note that the count of files selected, in the file delete confirmation dialog does not match the number of selected rows on-screen (I might have 90 rows selected, but the selected rows count shows as 12.)
    • this may be a continuation of the previous problem -- in the case when a binary compare of a tree of directories and files whose metadata match (right tree compared to left tree) , is being performed, one has to very carefully inspect the each row in the tree after the compare for the "=?" indicator to determine which files where actually compared for binary differences, and then reselect and recompare them, to actually get the compare-status " " changed to a "=?" (or "!="). The behavior does not seem to be a function of whether the selected directories are collapsed or not (which is why I suspect this is a different problem -- the UI would be transferring the directory name, which would then be expanded).

      I have only seen these problems on Linux (but then, I haven't used 4.2.3 on Windows within the past 2 months).

    There is also a minor problem I have noticed: I am i the habit of performing a sequence of deletes or compares on various branches within a directory tree displayed in directory compare. Because these are large lists, BC4 spins this off on a separate thread, and displays a progress indicator above the log panel. The text of the progress bar normally displays the current file sequence number -- but I have seen (for example) it report Comparing 106,604 of 110,709 -- when only a few dozen files are selected. (This feels like an uninitialized variable problem.)

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    Thanks for the report. So you've performed a Select All command, but then some items don't copy over? That sounds like a selection draw issue (that I've not reproduced on my system yet) or did those files have an error in the log? Are there any messages in the log pane?

    For the "row counts", when there's no selection it'll show the total file count, and the selection changes this to selected files. However, this does not include folders in the count if they are selected. Does this explain the counts you are seeing?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The selection issue is a known bug in BC4 on Linux. A few customers have reported seeing it frequently, but I haven't been able to duplicate it consistently when testing in-house.

      When the bug happens, it appears that BC loses part of the selection in the Folder Compare, so if 100 files or folders are selected, a command will only operate on a subset of those files.

      The bug is on our list to be fixed, but we don't have a release date for a fix right now. Restarting BC appears to temporarily resolve the issue.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        I'm seeing this issue too. BC 64bit Pro Edition Version 4.2.3 (build 22587) on Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome. I couldn't see any errors in the log pane.


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          We're working to duplicate the error in house with a debug build of BC so we can issue a fix.

          We haven't been able to consistently reproduce the selection error. If you can consistently produce the error on your Linux system, please let us know the exact steps you used.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Beyond Compare 4.2.4 is now available, it fixes the Folder Compare selection bug on Linux.
            Chris K Scooter Software