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bc4 on Fedora26

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  • bc4 on Fedora26

    Hi, I'm probably asking a silly question here and missed a setting somewhere.

    I have two machines I use bc4 (4.2.3-22587) on, one is fc25, the other is fc26
    launching bcompare from the command-line on each, when I close the window on fc25, the process exits, but on fc26 the process does not and I have to ctrl-c the process.

    As I use bc mostly with git, this can make a little mess of things...

    Advice appreciated, Thanks for your time!

    -Edward Hull

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    If you select "Exit" from Session menu in the graphical interface, do you see different behavior than closing the window with the 'X' close button?

    Do you have all updates applied to Fedore 26? Is it 64bit? My own test system is not reproducing this behavior.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,
      no, exit from the session menu has the same failure-to-exit behaviour as using the window decoration.
      Yes, I have all the updates applied, and it is a recent 64-bit install.
      It is, however, a member of an active-directory domain using pbis open.
      I'll also retry the behaviour using a different window manager... I'm currently using enlightenment.


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        Okay, I've just tried under the default window manager (gnome, probably on X11 due to propriatary nvidia drivers), and quit behaviour works as expected.
        So this looks like an interaction between beyond-compare and enlightenment.


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          Thanks for the additional information. Due to limited resources as a small company, we only support the default desktop environment for the distributions on our Linux compatibility list. For Fedora, this means the Gnome desktop environment.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Hi Chris, Aaron,

            I quite understand, and having been a customer for just under a decade (December 2007, mixed windows and linux in this time), this is the first time that I've run into this sort of issue.
            This is quite an unusual issue, Is there anything I can do to help narrow down if this is an oddity in BC or enlightenment? I'm quite prepared to capture logs and/or run versions for testing, but I'm also prepared to understand if you are un-willing to put the effort in given the limited (possibly singular) number of customers impacted.
            I will try the other machines I have around running linux with enlightenment and see if there is any additional information I can provide.
            Sadly, Fedora is mandated by work and Gnome is an unprintable pile of unprintable... really really unusable to me : (

            Many thanks for your time,

            -Edward Hull


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              You might try a desktop environment listed in Fedora Spins.

              I don't think we have a significant number of customers using Enlightenment on any distribution. I'd rather not spend resources investigating Enlightenment bugs unless they can be duplicated on a more mainstream desktop environment.
              Chris K Scooter Software