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Installing Linux BC4 under WSL

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  • Installing Linux BC4 under WSL

    I'm trying to use BC4 as my diff tool for 'git difftool' under the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Another thread suggested installing the Linux version of BC4 under WSL. I downloaded bcompare- and installed it, but running bcompare does not launch the app and there is no output on the command line to diagnose any errors. Any tips on how to troubleshoot this?

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    We don't officially support running Beyond Compare for Linux in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), but it worked for a trivial test on my own Windows 10 PC.

    To display graphical applications running in WSL, you'll need to run an X-Window server.

    I tested using VcXsrv. Other popular X-Window servers for Windows that might work are: Cygwin/X, Xming, and MobaXterm.

    Install Beyond Compare for Linux following the Ubuntu section of the Linux installation instructions on our site, make sure your X-Window server is running, then launch BC with the terminal commands:

    export DISPLAY=:0
    Chris K Scooter Software