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Fedora 26 - Context menus support: launching bc4

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  • Fedora 26 - Context menus support: launching bc4

    Hi folks,

    I've just installed BC4 on Linux Fedora 26 released a few weeks ago. The installation was done by installing the x86_64 rpm for RedHat/CentOS 7/Fedora 25 and went well, with no warnings. I realize it's not a supported distro, but wanted to post here in case someone may help.

    The context menus show up, and allow file & directory selection as expected, and follows the setting from Tools/Options/File Manager Integration. The issue is that after selecting the left and the right files or directories, BC4 doesn't open. Nothing happens.

    The program does run when executed from command line (it's in $PATH) and from the installed menu option as well. Adding a simple 'echo' command to the launcher script (/usr/bin/bcompare) shows the output to the terminal. When Nautilus is run from the terminal, this script output is not shown - though it could be being suppressed.

    I've looked at the extension in Github (thanks for open-sourcing it!) but I'm not familiar with GTK to dig much deeper.

    Any ideas or hints what to try?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi again,

    Digging a little more into this issue, I found out that Fedora comes with Wayland installed by default instead of Xorg as the X server, and this seems to be what's preventing BC4 from launching when selected from the context menu. Switching the desktop to Xorg, which is also included in the installation, works around the issue. Not sure whether the culprit is some construct in the context menu code or within Wayland, but thought you'd like to know there is a workaround.



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      Thanks for the follow-up with a potential solution. I'll add these notes to research/investigate to help with Fedora 26 defaults.
      Aaron P Scooter Software