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Latest Version does not compare correctly on RHEL

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  • Latest Version does not compare correctly on RHEL

    I just updated my Linux version to the same level as Windows (42, build 22302) and it fails too many times in comparing
    files - marks files in the overview as different, but when you click on the details, it says its the same..
    It looks like a regression to the previous version - but I how can I download the old version to install this again?

    In addition to the compare differences, also copy/move left/right sometimes does not work (and no error is displayed)
    I could not figure out until now what the cause could be, but maybe others see the same problems as well...

    RHEL Version is 7.3, GNOME 3.14.2
    But as mentioned, earlier version did run ok, so at least I would need to be able to restore the old level...


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    Email and we'll provide you a link to the previous version.

    Regarding differences in the Folder Compare that show as matches in the Text Compare, that might be a difference in comparison criteria rather than a bug. The default Folder Compare settings compare file size and modified timestamp. When you double click files to view them in the Text Compare, it compares the text content of files. When you close the Text Compare, the Folder Compare is updated with the result of the text content comparison.

    To compare the contents of files in the Folder Compare without viewing contents first, click the Rules toolbar button. In the Comparison tab, check Compare Contents, then select Rules-based comparison. Rules-based comparison uses the list in Tools > File Formats to determine how to compare files. For text file types, it compares the context of the files as text.
    Chris K Scooter Software