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Unable to work with Version 4.2 // FTP Slow // Too many open files

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  • Unable to work with Version 4.2 // FTP Slow // Too many open files

    I have the same issue as described here:

    I'm running an Ubuntu 16.04 and everything works fine until the release of version 4.2. I'll send the log file to your support e-mail address.

    Actually BC is no longer usable for me at the moment.

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    Thanks. We're looking into an issue with a potential leak now. While running the Folder Comparison, from a terminal also run:
    clear && lsof -c BCompare

    This list should have static items and items that pop on and off. Is it slowly growing for you as you use the program?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am running in the same issue: Running Version 4.2 (build 22302) under Kubuntu 16.04.

      I often sync FTP accounts. Just opening folders, as BCompare colorizes the files and folders because of their state, is already causing the open files count (lsof -c) to go up. In this case one could never finish a session...

      I'm looking forward for a fix for this great tool


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        Beyond Compare 4.2.1 is now available on our download page, it contains a fix for the macOS/Linux FTP/FTPS issue that was introduced in 4.2.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Thanks! Really great support!


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            Thanks from me, too. Great work and great support.
            Yesterday I got time to update and test the fix. Works like a charm now.