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Set as base folder and files disappear ?

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  • Set as base folder and files disappear ?

    I was using BC a few days ago and noticed an occasion of files diappearing when I set one folder as the base. needing to update BC, have finally done so now, and completely uninstalled what I had, then downloaded version 4, installed, but same problem.

    The files can be seen if I go up a level though, and click to open that folder. They are all mp3's and the filenames begin with a zero. There are no active filters, so what is causing this please ?

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    Just some screen dumps ..

    This is a folder compare. Attachment #1 shows the left hand side, all files visible. Attachment #2 shows the right hand side. If I click on the folder name, it expands and I see all the files. But if I set that folder name on the rhs as the 'base', the files disappear, from both sides.
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      Hmm, found out the 'Show all' button needed to be set. Can see the files now. lol

      Aaron - can you delete this thread please.
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        It could be a useful thread for other users that encounter a similar or same issue.

        A quick test when seeing behavior like this is to enable the Suppress Filters toggle button on the toolbar or in the View menu. This temporarily disables any display filters, name filters, other filters, so it should then show any filtered items as teal. If items then show up as teal, it is a matter of determining which filter is currently set to hide the item.

        If you would still like me to delete the thread, just let us know and I can.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks Aaron for your reply and advice. I didn't know about the suppress filters option. Yes, best to leave the post here to help others. Thanks