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Hexadecimal 'go to' dialog bug

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  • Hexadecimal 'go to' dialog bug

    A minor bug shows up when trying to go to a given hexadecimal offset.
    This only occurs when the address is copied-and-pasted from an external application (like the commonly-used KCalc).
    Then the input Ctrl+G dialog does not filter out the '0x ' part of the address, which inactivates the go-to capability.
    BC does not crash yet does not go to the given address either.
    The bug is related to the fact that legitimate address input is only decimal-like (i.e. without the '0x' prefix), even for hexadecimal numbers, which is a bit odd although not a bug in itself. Yet the validating input filter of the Ctrl+G dialog, which filters out the '0x' part, only works for keyboard input. For copy-and-paste input, it does not seem to apply. So that, in the copy-and-paste case, the input is not properly processed when clicking OK.
    Untested on Windows. Screenshot attached.
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    Thanks for the report. I've reproduced this behavior and opened a tracker entry to investigate/fix. Thanks for the details and screenshot, that helped track this down.
    Aaron P Scooter Software