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Comparing folders/files on mobile phone

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  • Comparing folders/files on mobile phone

    I'm using the MTP protocol on Kubuntu for transferring files between a Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone.

    Just wondering when this will be available in Linux -

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    MTP:// syntax support is currently limited to Windows. To access your phone on Linux, you will need to mount and access it via the local file system, which you can browse to using the Browse dropdown -> Browse using file system dialog. Alternate methods include installing an FTP app on your phone and then accessing it via FTP. Depending on your version of Android, there are usually multiple mount options available which may help.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for your reply Aaron. Is there any indication when MTP:// support will be available on Linux please. I can browse the phone now by just connecting the USB cable under Dolphin (a file manager). It would be much easier if I could view it in Beyond Compare, as there are sometimes quite a few files to manage. Also, as Beyond Compare can 'force' the timestamp, that would be great, as a normal copy under Dolphin always defaults to the current timestamp on the destination (mobile phone), not the correct timestamp.

      I may try to actually mount it though, as that may give greater control.


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        We don't currently have Linux support for MTP:// scheduled, and I don't expect that to change short term. I looked into it when I was adding the Windows implementation, but, since most MTP devices are only tested with Windows Explorer, and we'd have to use libmtp directly, rather than relying on Gnome/KDE's wrappers, it would have been a lot of effort for what would have likely been a buggy, maintenance prone feature.

        As for timestamps being set to the current date, that is a limitation in Android's MTP implementation that Beyond Compare on Windows shares. Unfortunately, using an FTP or SMB server like Aaron recommended really is the best approach if you need more complete control over the files.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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          Thanks for your reply. Looks like it is either FTP or SMB server.


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            Just a fyi

            There is a feature on my mobile phone called 'Turn on USB storage'. With that enabled, the phone is shown as all other USB devices are. So, I can use a Beyond Compare window because it is mounted under /media/....../

            Can see everything using this method, all hidden files/folders. Much better view than just attaching with the USB cable and using MTP.


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              Great news. That option is not always available, given the device or version of Android. I'm glad you were able to dig that one up and activate it.
              Aaron P Scooter Software