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Troubles integrating with git

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  • Troubles integrating with git

    Of course the standard configuration of git works just fine since it appears that support as a difftool is built in to git now.

    Unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, the standard bc3 difftool setup does not give the two files titles so it takes a few moments to figure out which file is the modified file and which is the original file from the repo.

    So to address this I changed the command to add -lefttitle= and -righttitle= as shown in my included .gitconfig file

            editor = gedit -w -s
            tool = beyondcompare4
            prompt = false
    [difftool "beyondcompare4"]
            cmd = bcompare -title1="Hello 1" -title2="Hello 2" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"
            tool = beyondcompare4
            prompt = false
    [mergetool "beyondcompare4"]
            trustExitCode = true
            cmd = bcompare $LOCAL $REMOTE $BASE $MERGED
    When I do this, beyond compare always opens as a 3 way merge instead of the expected diff. Doing the same operation from the command line has the expected results with a proper diff view and the files titles set to my silly example.

    What am I missing?

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    The latest version of BC4 has a bug with the -title1 parameters. We've got an open tracker entry to investigate and fix. I actually suspect that once fixed, you won't need a manual workaround; the original built-in support will start working.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That is good news Aaron. I tried to do a search to see if this was a known issue and had no luck. Thanks for answering kindly.


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        The -title1 and related switches bug on Linux is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.1.6.
        Chris K Scooter Software