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Integrating BC4 with IntelliJ IDEA IDE on Linux Mint

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  • Integrating BC4 with IntelliJ IDEA IDE on Linux Mint

    I have been using BC 3 on Windows and launching directly from Visual Studio.

    Now I am working on Java projects in Linux and am stuck setting up BC correctly.

    The instructions for Linux mention a "Beyond Compare" menu that lets you "install command line tools". I have looked all through the application for last 1 hour and haven't found it! Somebody please help me.

    Attached the screenshot
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    The Install Command Line Tools option is specific for OSX. Which Linux VCS system are you using? Our Windows and Linux documentation is here:
    our OSX documentation is here:

    Generally, for the Linux systems, you define it to use "bcompare" instead of "bcomp" like on Windows.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I didn't realize the page I was looking at was for OSX only (

      I am using git (2.3) on Linux (Cent OS) and I followed the instructions from here ( and it works fine.

      However, I am looking for integration into IntelliJ IDEA (I am on version 15 but if it works on a older version I can switch to it)


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        Our documentation is often customer submitted and tested against specific versions. I would expect similar support for IntelliJ 15 as 12, but we include the tested version number information just in case.
        Aaron P Scooter Software