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BUG in the tar file of BC 4.1.3 tar file

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  • BUG in the tar file of BC 4.1.3 tar file

    We have installed the official rpm package of BC4.1.3 in an Rhel6 machine and the files are installed in /user/lib64
    and then we tried a manual installation using the TAR file of the BC4.1.3 and it gets installed in another path /usr/lib
    Another case is , in Rhel7 the manual installation using Tar file gets installed in /usr/lib32 and official rpm is getting installed in /usr/lib64

    I think its a BUG in this case as the tar file and standard rpm should get install in the same location
    Kindly initiate and please get it fixed on the next update.

    Best Regards
    Abdul Naseer

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    As we corresponded by email yesterday, this is a bug.

    The 64-bit RPM installs in the correct location, /usr/lib64.

    The version 4.1.3 x86_64.tar.gz installed as root installs in /usr/lib32, which is a bug.

    I've added this to our bug list to be fixed.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The 64-bit .tar.gz install location is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.1.5.
      Chris K Scooter Software