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SFTP connection to certain host always rejected

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  • SFTP connection to certain host always rejected

    Hello. I use beyond compare 4 to connect to many different servers and over the last 2 weeks or so all my profiles that try to connect to WP Engine stopped working. Same error code:

    11/19/2015 03:11:21 PM Connecting to
    11/19/2015 03:11:21 PM Unsupported cipher
    11/19/2015 03:11:21 PM Connection closed.
    11/19/2015 03:11:21 PM Connection failed: Connection lost (error code is 104)
    11/19/2015 03:11:21 PM Unable to load sftp://USERNAME@ Connection lost (error code is 104)

    any ideas how to debug? I used the same settings in filezilla and it connected just fine, so I know that the authentication through beyond-compare is the problem.


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    Beyond Compare 4 has a compatibility issue with WP Engine's SFTP servers. This is on our bug list to be fixed.

    As a workaround, Beyond Compare 3.3.13 should be able to connect to the WP Engine SFTP servers.

    Download page for version 3:

    If you need a version 3 license key, email with the 8 digit serial number of your version 4 license and we'll send you a free downgrade. To display your serial number, open "Help > About Beyond Compare".
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The SFTP bug is fixed in Beyond Compare 4.1.3.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        It doesn't work... again.

        Can you please check and find a remedy to it? I am using FileZilla for now and it feels so 90's...


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          Could you email us at with a pair of SFTP connection logs (Filezilla vs. BC's log)? Please include a link back to this forum post for our reference in the email.

          And please also include your current from the Help menu -> Support; Export.
          Aaron P Scooter Software