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"Java class to source" file format on Linux

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  • "Java class to source" file format on Linux


    Is it possible to make this file format work on Linux. I tried to install it, but the import file format dialog doesn't even show this format.

    How does Beyond Compare identify whether a file format that is being imported is supported on Linux or not? Can I modify the downloaded format to make it work?

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    The file formats are separated by OS on the File Formats download page. By selecting the OS first, you can then limit your view to supported formats.

    The reason Java Class is Windows only is it relies on helper files that are .exe to perform the conversion from Class to Text. These do not run on Linux, so the format wouldn't function. If you are familiar with any command line utility on Linux that can convert from Class to Text, you can create a custom format that uses it, following these basic instructions (example RESX):

    Let us know if you need any help configuring BC or have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The link that is specified for JAD (the external conversion tool) for Windows "Java class to source" file format, also has linux builds of the same tool available.

      Can I download the windows file format bcpkg file and modify it to work on linux? This way I don't have to type all language grammar myself.

      Currently if I try to import the format, it doesn't even show up in the import dialog.


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        For Java grammars, you can clone the existing Java Source format included by default which would include java grammar definitions. Then edit the Conversion tab to add any conversion process as detailed in the above KB article to add a conversion program.
        Aaron P Scooter Software