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  • Beyond Compare on Linux Server


    I tried to install BC on a Linux Server (Ubuntu Server). The Installation worked without problems.
    But then I started BC, it says: "cannot connect to x server". As I could see in this BC Forum and on the Website: BC needs a x-window environment.

    My Question here is: Is it possible to run BC on a Linux Server by simlating / emulating a x-window environment? Or do I just need the libs of x-window, so I can run it without a GUI.

    If its impossible to run BC without a GUI: Is it possible to run BC with a cronjob on a GUI distribution like Ubuntu Desktop?

    If BC isnt running without a GUI because of the x-window environment requirement, are you planning on developing a "no-gui" version? (I think there are more than enough demand).

    The reason why I'm asking this: I need it for my bachelor thesis. I have the task to automate a Folder/File Compare and implement this in our self-made Management System, which runs on linux servers. I'm developing a GUI in our Management System, which does some work and should start BC via scripts. As well BC should start with a cronjob at regular intervals. After a BC Compare, I gonna read the XML-Files with a XML-Parser and do inserts in SQL-Databases, which can be used by the Management System.

    I visited this threads:
    and it doesn't make me hope.

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    Beyond Compare 4 on Linux is not designed to run without X-Windows and attempting to emulate or suppress the GUI is not supported. We have had a few users invest their time, due to the natural flexibility offered by Linux, but we have not had any confirmed/reproducible steps to get BC3/4 up and running this way. It isn't recommended. Sorry I don't have better news or a solid workaround for you. Depending on how configurable you need the compare to be, you could use diff, wdiff, etc from the command line.

    Creating a no-gui solution is not an uncommon request, but is a large change we wouldn't be able to implement soon.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The great thing about BC is its interactive GUI.

      For what you want to do, BC is not the right tool. GNU/Linux has many more appropriate utilities for your needs. In addition to the ones Aaron mentioned, there are general purpose scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and Python, and text manipulation utilities such as sed and awk.


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        thank you for your quick answers.
        As Aaron said it can't be emulated. I tried to use xvfb to get it working, the result is a Exception from BC.
        Conclusion: BC is a really good Compare Software for Clients that uses GUIs.
        I will search for another solution without BC.

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          Just for your information.
          I think I have another way of getting BC working with the mentioned management System.
          I'm now starting BC via Management System on the Client. BC uses sftp to load the folders that must be compared and writes the result(xml-files) to a folder on the Server. The Management System gets the XML from that folder and does the inserts in the SQL-Tables.

          Happy now


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            Thanks for the follow-up! Yes, your license could be used on either machine, so if it's an option to run on the Machine B (with a GUI) to push up to Machine A, that's great.
            Aaron P Scooter Software