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  • External Program not found

    I'm trying to write a File Format for ini/cfg files using crudini to output in a format that can be used for a diff. I have ini/cfg files where the sections and keys do not match up and thus difficult to diff.

    I have installed crudini and can happily run the command from the command line, however when I set up a custom File Format in BC4 it just says "External program '/usr/bin/crudini' not found".

    I have set the General -> Mask to *.cfg and the Conversion to External Program and set Loading to:
    /usr/bin/crudini --get --format=lines %s
    and ticked Disable Editing since the outputted format is good for diff but is not in ini file format.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Thanks. This seems likely related to this recent issue that came to our attention:

    If the conversion fails for any reason and we are getting an ErrorCode back or an empty file, our error text is incorrect and blames the lack of the External Program. If you run the conversion from the command line, is the file blank that is returned, or are any return values passed back on the command line? If you put your conversion into an overarching script (to swallow any return values) this would prevent BC4 from seeing them.
    Aaron P Scooter Software