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How to get sessions back after updating

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  • How to get sessions back after updating

    This morning I updated BC4 (best compare prog going BTW, great job) to the latest release and now all my saved sessions are gone. This has really been a frustration and has cost me half a day to have to set them back up again (since my help post didn't seem to make it to the board)

    In the future, is there anyway to get them back or make it so they don't get deleted?
    Where are they actually stored so I can have by backup app, stash them?
    I run ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


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    Sessions are stored with your ~Home/.config/bcompare/ as .xml files. An update wouldn't blow these files away normally. Is there anything on your system that would reset this?

    When you installed on your system, did you use the i386.deb setup file? This would install everything to the expected default locations, and is fully supported on Ubuntu 14.04 32bit and 64bit.

    As a precaution, you can use the Tools menu -> Export to create a backup next time. This .bcpkg file can contain all of your settings and sessions, which would be a handy back up.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I did find them in my home backup (which I have done at every startup) in the bcompare3 folder (not the new bcompare folder which is now there).

      So I did have a system halt last night and had to reboot, which might have tanked them. A bit funny as it worked after rebooting but before the update, but that was also done after a reboot thinking about it.

      Could be possible that the halt tanked the files which were revied from backup, but then re-stored as tanked which then for some reason got put back into place (meaning deleted) after the second reboot. All of which is very strange behavior and not something I've seen since my back up in not supposed to be forward placing. Anyway, I'll chalk it up to just some oddity.

      At least now I've got them copied and am all back up and running and have done the export as to have this saved in case of future quirks.

      Thanks for your help and many more thanks for an invaluable prog.


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        In a bcompare3\ directory? We don't create that ourselves, but support its manual creation as a means to have bc3 and bc4 installed at the same time. It's a bit tricky though. Did you update from BC3 to BC4? On first boot of BC4, an Import BC3 Settings? dialog appears and needs to be accepted to bring in your settings from BC3 -> BC4. Did you see this dialog and answer this question? Directly copying settings from bcompare3\ to bcompare\ will work for many, but not fully. I'd recommend copying the contents of bcompare3\ to a temp directory on the desktop, then use the BC4 Tools menu -> Import dialog to bring in the settings.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I had bc4 installed before the version update (which happend through the ppa: bcompare4).

          Thinking back, I remember a dialog, but skipped it and didn't think anything of it since I wasn't running bc3 and therefore figured I had nothing to import.

          Thanks for the advice, I didn't copy the files directly. I opened the XML and copied out the filters, which is what I really needed anyway.

          Thanks again for your help!