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  • publish a apt / deb repository

    The proper way to install and update software on Debian like systems is via apt repositories.

    As you already have a deb package it would be extreamly easy to publish them on so people can not only install using apt but can also get updates as soon they are released.

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    When BC4 is installed using the .deb, an apt repository reference is created, and subsequent updates are available through the the Debian package management system:

    $ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/scootersoftware.list
    deb bcompare4 non-free


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      Thanks for the hint. I manually added the repository and tried to do an apt-get install bcompare.

      It fails because it says it requires ia32-libs which do cannot be installed on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS


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        I think the name of the package to install is "bcompare:i386".

        I would try this first:

        sudo apt-get -s install bcompare:i386
        (The -s option means "simulate", and shows you what will be done without making any actual changes.)

        Actually, I think there's a problem with the way the repository or package is set up. In my case (Ubuntu 12.04.5, 64-bit), both packages bcompare and bcompare:i386 show up in synaptic, bcompare as "not installed" and bcompare :i386 as "installed". But the list of installed files is displayed for bcompare and not for bcompare:i386, which doesn't make sense. Earlier reference:

        You might want to wait for clarification from one of the Team Scooter guys before proceding.
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          The 32bit package is the correct one to use on newer 64bit systems. Both packages are technically 32bit, but the 64bit installer is a legacy installer used for older Debian systems that required it to be packaged that way (including the older 32bit backwards compatibility library requirements).

          The easiest install method is to use the 32bit .deb installer on our website, which would also set up apt-get for updates (or can be grabbed internally using the Help menu -> Check for Updates).
          Aaron P Scooter Software