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Context menus in Ubuntu Gnome 14.04

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  • Context menus in Ubuntu Gnome 14.04

    I've recently moved from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu Gnome 14.04. I don't see any BC3 context menus in the file tool (called "Files", apparently the new name for "Nautilus"). Is there any way add these? The ones I miss most are "select left file to compare" and "Compare to xyz".


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    We haven't had a chance to run Ubuntu 14.04 through our full test software suite, but we have a general troubleshooting guide here:

    I set up and recently installed on 14.04, but didn't verify the context menu yet. I'll dig into it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,
      I followed the instructions in the link (the "context menu" check box was not checked). After a reboot (logout/in probably would have sufficed) I now *do* get the context menut. Thanks for the tip!


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        I should also point out that I am doing this in "Ubuntu Gnome". I have better luck with this than with Unity. I had previously installed Unity but I hadn't yet noticed if the context menus. I'm not sure what Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity) uses for a file manager - it might not be Nautilus (which is now called "Files", which doesn't make it easy to Google for )


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          In both Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 64bit we are installing the wrong context menu item into nautilus. We'll investigate and get our install script updated. In the meantime, following the manual install instructions should get it working.

          Thanks for the report!
          Aaron P Scooter Software