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    Ubuntu 12.04.4

    In the Open File dialog(s), there should be an option (checkbox? toggle button?) to display "hidden" files and directories, whose names begin with a period (".").
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    This option tries to follow the general Explorer convention if in a Browse dialog. On Ubuntu 12.04, it is in the right click menu and also bound to F8.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks. I wasn't aware of that.

      F8 doesn't seem to have any effect on the files displayed. Maybe another application is overriding F8.

      I notice that the right-click method only works in the List View, and not the Detail View, probably because in the latter you can't click without selecting a file. But that's a minor issue that I can ignore.


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        Linux Mint 18.1 Serena MATE desktop.

        This "feature" may actually be connected to the desktop being used, to the extent a "common" desktop provided dialog is being used.

        Or, BC may have rolled its' own, but somehow it seem to keep the "look and feel" of the desktop, so I'm not sure.

        The custom on Linux Mint desktops is that control-h will toggle the display of hidden folders.

        Non-Displaying hidden folders in Mint seems to a religious tenement, to the extent that many applications have open file dialogs that can not/will not do so.

        I wonder if the only sure solution would be (for roll your own) to add a button, or (for common dialogs) an exhaustive and thorough documentation search for each desktop variant of each distribution package to make sure the desktop customary function is enabled (e.g. setting an extra bit in the call).

        In any case, I find the inability to turn on "display hidden files" in the open dialog to be a bug.

        The only faintly redeeming virtue to the dialog used by BC is that I can paste a path name, after hunting it down with another tool.


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          Thanks for the report. This is a bug specifically with Ctrl+H, which should work in both Browse using Profile or Browse using File system dialogs, but isn't functioning.

          As a workaround, you can use the Browse Using File system dialog, right-click, and Show Hidden this way.
          Aaron P Scooter Software