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  • Support Samba Shares

    Is there any chance of supporting smb:// addresses for file and folder locations?

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    It's on our wishlist and we're looking into it. For now you do need to mount the location first:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      On Ubuntu, if you view folders via smb:// using Nautilus they are mounted at a subfolder of


      where <user> seems to be the username on some versions and the UID on more recent versions.

      The naming is a bit hairy though.. at the moment I just locate the folder manually if I want to compare SMB shares.


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        The next beta release will have a stab at support for it. It still relies on Gnome's GVFS/FUSE bridge like dr_barnowl is doing, but the mounting will now happen automatically and the path edits will show the original smb:// URL. It uses a small Gtk app to handle it, but I'd rather not add that to our dependency list for such a small bit of functionality, so let us know how it works once the release comes out.
        ZoŽ P Scooter Software