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  • Menu performances

    BC4 isn't using native menu. The performances of the menu is terribly bad. It's drawn so slowly that I can see the text of each menu item and highlight appear progressively for each row.

    System: Manjaro (Arch Linux based) x64 with Awesome window manager. BC4 installed via the AUR.
    Graphic card acceleration enabled and working.

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    We're using QT3 which connects to x11 for our menu drawing (and all of our toolbars, and most other things). We need a custom right-click to show our custom commands, and wouldn't want to just expose the system right-click.

    This might be related to the package you've found (AUR), which isn't from us and might not have the correct dependencies declared or setup.

    From your earlier post, it looked like you got BC4 mostly installed, but were just missing a couple dependencies (xcursor?) that needed to be installed. Would it be possible to rollback to that step, and then we can work with you to figure out which dependencies are still needed?
    Aaron P Scooter Software