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Two minor bugs

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  • Two minor bugs

    I've been trying out an evaluation copy of the Linux version of BC4 (build 17677) on Ubuntu 13.10 64bit. Seems pretty stable for me so far, but I've noticed a couple of minor things when invoking bc4 from as a Mercurial external diff command

    1) Every time a new file is opened a pair of QComboBox::setCurrentItem() warnings are printed on the console, stating that Index 0 is out of range for components FindTextEdit and ReplaceTextEdit.

    2) When trying to save a modified file, the confirmation dialog that pops up has no visible buttons. The window has to be damaged to cause it to re-render so that they appear. I can't remember the exact circumstances I've seen this but it has occurred a few times.

    On the whole I don't think these would stop me from buying but I thought I'd pass these comments on.


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    Thanks for the two reports. I've opened a tracker entry for the first, and appended the specific draw issue for to our tracker entry on button/dialog drawing. We're going through and auditing which dialogs are having draw issues, and specific examples are helpful.

    Thanks for tracking those two down and reporting them to us.
    Aaron P Scooter Software