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sshfs instability

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  • sshfs instability

    Ubuntu 12.04.4

    I was just doing some testing, synchronizing some directories between two computers on a LAN.

    External to BC, I mapped a local directory to a remote directory using sshfs. Then I launched BC, with several folder comparison sessions (various subdirectories of the local and remote directories) open at the same time.

    The performance seem significantly slower than I recall with BC3. Maybe the beta has some debug options enabled that's responsible for this?

    Several times BC crashed when I tried to copy files from one side to the other. Eventually I got all the files copied, with repeated restarts of BC.

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    I don't think the build options for the Linux version have changed any from v3. There's been a lot of changes under the hood, but the only thing I can think of that would have affected copy speed is the fact that we're now copying extended attributes (xattr). I don't know how much they're actually used in Linux compared to OS X, but it would involve an extra trip or two to the disk for each file.

    The "Align filenames with different Unicode normalization forms" option that was added in the "Comparison/Quick Tests" are in the session settings shouldn't have significantly slowed things, but you might try turning it off.

    Otherwise, is the copy itself slower, or did the interface become sluggish? Any information you can provide on the crashes might help.

    I think you can create a portable BC3 install by downloading the .tar release, extracting it to a separate directory, and updating a couple of variables in the launcher .sh script. It would be worth verifying that BC4 is actually slower too, and that it isn't some change in the environment.
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