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No vertical scroll bar in folder comparison

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  • No vertical scroll bar in folder comparison

    Ubuntu 12.04.4
    Desktop environments: Default (Unity), XFCE and LXDE

    In the folder comparison view, there's no vertical scroll bar. I can only scroll using the keyboard.

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    I've tried configuring this system. On a base Ubuntu 12.04, I installed XFCE4 and then ran it during Login, selecting it as the session type. The scroll bar appeared to work normally. I then installed LXDE, logged off and picked it as the session, and then started up BC4. The scroll bar appeared here as well.

    Are you using the repo installations of XFCE and LXDE? Or have you customized this system in a different way?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I installed xfce4 and lxde from the standard repositories:

      xfce4 version
      lxde version 0.5.0-4ubuntu3

      I can't think of any settings I've changed that would cause this.

      The same issue is present in the default DE for Ubuntu 12.04, which I think is simply called "Ubuntu" in the login menu.

      I'm attaching a screen shot from xfce4.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Do the scrollbars show up in if you grab a corner of the window and drag/resize?
        David J Scooter Software


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          David, no, it doesn't. Maximizing the window doesn't help either.

          I assume the scroll bar is supposed to be on the right, as in this screen shot?

          The scrollbars do show up correctly in the file comparsion view.
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            I'm running the following and have exactly the same issue.

            - Opensuse 12.3 64-Bit (Default installation with Gnome)
            - Gnome desktop version
            - BC4 17580 (nightly build of 20140128


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              Yes, the scroll bar should show up on the far right side. As a test, does the mouse scroll wheel scroll the view?

              Have you made any other customizations, such as to qtconfig?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                My wireless mouse's scroll wheel doesn't work for BC4, but it doesn't work reliably for other applications either.

                The touchpad's scroll feature does scroll the folder comparision view correctly. Although I normally keep the touchpad disabled since it interferes with keyboard use.

                I don't recall making any customizations.


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                  My scroll wheel works perfectly and I don't have any customizations.


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                    Same missing scroll bar for folder compare when using Linux Mint 16 x64.


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                      We should have a fix for the scrollbars in the next release. Keep an eye on Check for Updates and let us know if this is addressed for you.
                      Aaron P Scooter Software


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                        Fixed in BC