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Unable to establish SSH connection

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  • Unable to establish SSH connection

    With BC3, I was able to do folder compares between two computers on a LAN via SSH. The computers are configured to use public/private key authentication rather than passwords.

    With BC4, it's not working.

    The content of the directory ~/.beyondcompare was preserved when I installed BC4.

    Is there anything special I need to do in BC4 to get this to work?


    One thing I noticed is that the configuration file BCFtpProfiles.xml seemed to be replaced by BCProfiles.xml, although the new file has the profile settings from BC3.

    Or does BC4 use both those files?


    Another difference is that there's a line in BCFtpProfiles.xml that's not in BCProfiles.xml:
    <SSHPrivateKeyFile Value="/home/USER/.ssh/keyfile"/>
    Could that be the problem? I don't recall how I set that up initially, and I don't see any way in the user interface to specify a key file.

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    Yes, you'll need to add the SSH key file again. If you select "<default>" in the profile manager dialog the SSH private key setting is on the first tab.
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software


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      Thanks, it's working now.

      I had to restart BC to get the setting change to take effect.


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        I tried adding my ssh key, and now BC4 just crashes when I try to connect to a remote server over ssh. There is dialog box with debugging information to send to you, just a message from ubuntu to say it crashed.

        I can try to extract the crash report info from the Ubuntu crash reporter if that would be helpfull. Would you like it?

        Also, it looks like you can only enter one ssh key, and it applies globaly. Could we add a feature request to allow more than one ssh key, or to override the global default in the config for each connection? When you have a lot of servers to administer you sometimes have to use a different key for some of them.


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          We're applying quite a few changes to the SHH Key area in the next beta update. Please keep an eye out for that and help us test it once it's available. If you would like to email in the crash report, we can definitely review it, but if it looks troublesome and you would rather wait for the next release that would be fine, too.

          If you email us, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
          Aaron P Scooter Software