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Set background color to ONLY the different words in the line

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  • Set background color to ONLY the different words in the line

    When there are small inline differences like the below example:

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
    The quick brown fox jumps over the slow lazy dog

    I'd like to set the background color to ONLY the new/changed text, not to the whole line.
    Unfortunately the settings for "Text color" and "Background" behave differently, so that inline text gets colored (like in the example above), but background color is set for the full line.
    The setting I'm referring to is: Colors, Fonts | File Views | Compare colors | Important difference | Background.

    Is there any other way to use a background color for only the changed text?

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    I noticed you posted in the BC3 forum, but the Settings you are referencing are BC4, so I moved your topic.

    As for the setting you are looking for, in BC4 it is very close to what you have updated. In the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Colors/Fonts tab, In the File Views sub-tab, select Important Differences and it has 4 options:
    Text color (foreground)
    Background (whole line)
    style (bold if you wanted, etc)
    Text background (this is the option you are looking for).

    Please note that we default to coloring the entire line because some differences can be horizontally off-screen. I'd suggest leaving a lighter version color for the whole line, while making a darker or easier to read version for the text background and text color itself.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron, that was exactly what I was looking for! Have no idea why I missed it...


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        No problem. We have a *lot* of options, and even I have to double check where some of them are.

        That's part of why I wanted to confirm if this was BC3 or BC4, as BC3's option is a slider bar to change opacity of background of text and background of line based on the defined Difference Color, without the ability to override with multiple different colors.
        Aaron P Scooter Software