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Comparing a Flash Drive with OneDrive

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  • Comparing a Flash Drive with OneDrive

    My wife is a consultant BCBA (Behavior Analyst) for a couple of school districts. She uses various school PCs within those districts and at home. She keeps all her BCBA records on a Flash Drive to easily carry the files back and forth and for security reasons. Her Flash Drive currently has 5 folders (including subfolders) plus a few documents not in any folders. She also has a Microsoft OneDrive account where she backs-up all the BCBA stuff from the Flash Drive. The OneDrive also contains lots of other files and folders. I have been using BC2 for many years to backup her Flash Drive contents to an external hard drive. We have recently started using her OneDrive to back-up the Flash Drive contents manually. I upgraded to BC4 to be able to use OneDrive withing BC4.

    I have made a OneDrive Profile in Beyond Compare 4 but can’t figure out how to set up BC4 to compare the files and folders on the Flash Drive with only those files and folders on OneDrive. How do you drill down into the OneDrive folders within BC4.

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    Once you create the OneDrive Profile, it should be accessible from the Folder Compare's Browse button. The profiles are listed here, similar to how BC2 listed the file system or FTP profiles (BC4 has a single list of the file system and "profiles", instead of two tabs). If you browse and select the profile for one side, it should load, and you can browse to the drive letter of the thumbdrive for the other side to load a side by side comparison.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software