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What is the keyboard equivalent of .... two commands

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  • What is the keyboard equivalent of .... two commands

    I have had these questions since BC2 came out but now I'm using it very intensively and I want to:
    1) type in a folder path on the bar and hit "enter" to reload instead of "click" the unintuitive arrow down (this is minor though)
    2) select the files I want on the GUI and type/hotkey the equivalent of "=?" to being the compare .. big deal for me :-)
    3) click once on that "binary comparison checkbox" and make it set it fact it already is.. I guess this is just a corollary of 2) where I want to hit the hotkey to initiate the comparison and go on with it ? yes ? no ? in my dreams ? ...


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    The default settings don't include a keyboard shortcut for Compare Contents (=?), but you can assign a keyboard shortcut.

    To assign a shortcut:
    Open Tools > Options.
    Go to the Toolbars, etc. section.
    Select view: Folder Compare.
    Select the Compare Contents command, then left click in Shortcut and hit the keys you'd like assigned.

    Control+A (Select All) or Shift+Control+A (Select All Files) before you use the Compare Contents command.

    If you always want to compare contents, you can edit session settings to run compare contents when the Folder Compare loads.

    In the Folder Compare, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon).
    Go to the Comparison tab.
    Check Compare Contents, then select Binary comparison.
    Change the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog from Use for this view only to Also update session defaults before you click OK.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris but I dont want to have it happily do compares when something loads - Folder Compare... I really wanted the keyboard shortcut but will keep the idea in my pocket.


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        Ok, but just to confirm:

        Type Left Path, Enter once to Commit it, then Tab and type Right Path, Then Enter to Commit it, then a second Enter (on the right path) to Load the comparison.

        Then Ctrl+A to select all, and your customized HotkeyComboHere to initiate the Compare on the entire selection.

        The first time will pop up the Compare Contents dialog, and you have to manually select Binary Compare, but if you enable "Don't show this again" and then run the scan, the next time the dialog won't show and it will run a binary compare as soon as you hit your new custom hotkey on the selection.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
          Ok, but just to confirm:

          but if you enable "Don't show this again"...
          Good grief ! And I'm always the one looking for things like this... and I probably saw that checkbox and, "embarrasingly" enough, I have to admit that I was "looking but not seeing" ...

          Thanks for the trying harder and posting again Aaron - that will help because now I can, without looking what I'm clicking, hit "ALT-A then C", that solves my problem.

          BTW, was that checkbox on BC2 ? I don't remember but anyway, I'm happy now.


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            The Options dialog existed and could be toggled, but "Don't show again" was introduced later.
            Aaron P Scooter Software