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Difference report of all files in a folder

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  • Difference report of all files in a folder

    Hello, Is there a way to generate a difference report of all the files(contents) inside a folder while comparing it with another similar folder using scripts?

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    Yes, but I would recommend testing out the workflow in the graphical interface first, which will provide feedback for how your 'similar' folders are aligning and comparing the files, and let you pick different reporting options via a dialog, for quick iteration and testing. Once you have a workflow and report, you can then work on creating the script that performs those same steps.

    In the interface, use the Folder Compare session and load your two folders. This aligns the content by folder structure and file name, and then compares the aligned pairs with configured criteria (timestamp/size by default). You can then use the Display Filters to show only a specific status (different), the Edit menu -> Expand All, Select All Files commands, to select the visible status files, then generate a report from the Actions menu -> File Compare Report. This generates a single report file of the content of the files.

    Alternatively, you can also load the Folder Compare, Expand All, and then go to the Session menu -> Folder Compare Report dialog, and pick the layout: side by side, and enable to Include linked file reports. This creates a folder of reports, with a head Folder level report, with links to the individual file reports for each selectable file.

    You can limit the display to which files are compared with filters, how they are compared with session settings, and display filters or report options to limit the view to specific files or file content. This helps prevent the report from being overly large, as if you 'Show All' and include everything, then the report includes every file and all file content of every file.

    Which style of report and report options would you like? This determines the script, which roughly steps through the same steps, from:
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    Aaron P Scooter Software