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Validation of Moved Files / Folders

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  • Validation of Moved Files / Folders

    Hi, I use BC4 to move files between hard drives a lot.

    May I know if the file moves are 100% reliable in that once moved, the files are the exact same copy without any corruption?

    I'm moving files from a hard drive I suspect is about to fail.

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    I would suggest instead of Moving to use a Copy, then you can run a binary comparison between the source and target after the transfer to verify. The initial Copy/Move use the same API as Windows Explorer (which attempts some error checking) but a post-transfer binary compare could let you know if both sides are 1:1 after the transfer (although you'd want to manually verify if there is a difference, it isn't caused by the Source side corrupting post-transfer, before re-copying).
    Aaron P Scooter Software